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About me

I am a Los Angeles based illustrator determined to spread happiness through my work. With all the negativity that surrounds us in the real world, I want my art to be a positive influence igniting feelings of joy, comfort, and brightness into peoples lives. From a small humble night light that has banished the scariest of monsters, to a mighty majestic lion that reigns over its kingdom; everything and everyone carries a unique story within them. I draw inspiration from these narratives to shape my creations, delving into the enchantment and fantasy hidden within the little things in life. Approaching my illustrations with a vibrant and cheerful demeanor, my goal isn’t just about bringing joy to others, but I also aim to bring out the inner child in everyone. By reconnecting and embracing our inner child, we let go of the excessive seriousness and unlock the door to experiencing the wondrous magic that fills our world. Having authored and illustrated some of my own children’s books, I aspire to continue transporting readers into imaginary realms filled with fun and laughter.

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